Comptech Honda Prototype at Infineon Raceway

J.T. Ready For First Drive In Comptech Honda

Comptech Honda Test Drive

Comptech Honda Test Drive 2

Comptech Honda Pulling Into Pits

Jordon Taylor and Mike Forrest Discuss Drive

Comptech Engineer; Tony Manzer Taking Diagnostics Off Comptech Engine

Comptech Mazda Engine and Mazda TEAM

CJ Wilson Racing




Comptech USA on YouTube

Mazda 3 – Tri Point Attack

Above is a video of a Mazda Speed World Challenge Series Comptech prepared engine.

Mazda 6 – Qualifying Lap

This video is of the Tri-Point factory Mazda 6 Qualifing Lap from Autobahn Country Club 2009. Notice the COMPTECH sticker reflection in the windsheld. This car was 2nd place qualifier only to the other Comptech prepared car up front.

Mazda 3 – SCCA World Challenge

This is a new Comptech prepared engine in the 2010 Tri-Point factory Mazda3 SCCA World Challenge series car driven by Patrick Dempsey. Can you find the COMPTECH logos?

CJ Wilson Racing Introduction

This is a great inside peek at the CJ Wilson Racing Team, who runs the Comptech Prepared Mazda Engines. Check it out!