2013 Honda NSX And Comptech

Is everyone as excited as I am for the new 2013 Honda NSX to come out?  At Comptech racing engines we have a rich history of building fast NSX engines.  Everything from the only Daytona Prototype race car to ever have an NSX engine in it to NSX cars racing in the SCCA, Comptech racing engines has been there.  Will Comptech be at the forefront of building a new 2013 Comptech NSX specialty car?  Nobody knows at this point but the excitement around the Comptech race engine shop is high.

Presently as of 2012, Comptech continues to work on vintage NSX racing engines for teams running club races, among other things.  The new 2013 Honda NSX is supposed to have an all aluminum V6 gas engine, rear wheel drive with the engine sitting about in the middle.  The new 2013 NSX is slated to be used at the 2013 Japanese Grand Prix.  In what capacity is unknown at this point.

For all your Honda NSX or Acura engine racing needs see Comptech USA in Sacramento, CA.


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