Patrick Dempsey Racing Comptech Engine

Just a few cool updates on the Comptech race engines.  In April actor Patrick Dempsey got behind the wheel of a Comptech prepared engine Mazda 3 at Long Beach.  What a pleasure to have Patrick use the Comptech power under his feet.  For further details about this see

On a similar note Michael Cooper won the Mazda Mx-5 Cup on June 27th at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.  All race cars in the SCCA Pro Racing Mazda Mx-5 Cup are Comptech powered and prepared Mazda Racing Engines.  If you want to race jump into this series, it is competitive and fun.  Plus you get to jump behind a Comptech powered Mazda MX-5.  Hey Patrick Dempsey drove a Comptech powered Mazda, why can’t you?


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  1. Jose Antonio says:

    I am intrested in building a Mazda 3 with LF engine, I believe is the same as duratec 2.0L and I would like to know if you build this engines and could supply one. Our class allows 11.5:1 max ratio and max 8600 rpm. Hope to hear your commnets.

  2. Yes, those are racing engines that we build for Mazda race teams. Call Tony Manzer direct at the Comptech Engine shop at 916-338-3434. He can discuss details with you.


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