Comptech sells high quality race engines.  Whether you are looking for a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Mazda, Honda, Toyota or any type of engine Comptech can tackle the job.  We love to hear the racing engines roar at the shop.  Whether you need to buy a new race engine or want to sell a race engine, or just have us freshen one up, Comptech can help.  At Comptech we always have a race engine for sale.  916-338-3434.

Enough of the racing engine stuff.  Have you tried the new milk shake at Sunsplash Waterpark?  The new iceberg super thick award winning shake is something any racer needs to try.  Go to www.icebergdriveinn.com and check it out.  I love the super thick over the top strawberry milk shake.  It is so thick that you can tip it upside down and walk around for a little bit and it will not move.  Yes no straws, just a spoon.   Racing and Milk Shakes!!!!  WHAT IS THE BEST FOOD YOU HAVE EVER TRIED AT A RACE?


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