This past week-end Eric Holmes of BMR racing, a local team from the Antelope / Sacramento, California area, won in Roseberg Oregon.  It is not just the race engine or race car or race car driver that wins, it is the whole team.  It is a team effort.  At Comptech Race Engines and Penney Racing Supply, we are proud that a local team such as BMR racing went to victory lane.  Holmes won the Nascar K&N Pro Series West Race at Roseberg Oregon, taking victory there for a third time.

At Penney racing supply and Comptech race engines we use that same team effort to produce high quality race winning engines.  Our goal is to win as many races as we can with our Comptech racing engines.  Not only do we build quality race engines, Penney Racing Supply (sister company to Comptech Race Engines) also is the west coast distributor of Goodyear short track racing tires.  We will see you out at Infineon Raceway to watch Holmes try to win another race in the Thunder Valley Casino Resort 200.  There Penney Racing Supply will also meet with our Goodyear friends.

by:  Comptech Race Engine Management


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  1. Road Course Killer says:

    Good for local team, see you Comptech Race Engines and Penney Racing at the road course next week. Does Comptech have a race engine in any race cars next week-end?


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