At Comptech we are proud of our rich heritage of building, tuning, manufacturing and machining winning racing engines.  Our ability to build quality race winning engines has been a tradition for over 25 years.  Our expert race engine builders will blog about the latest news about Comptech race engines and its winning performance.  Though very well known for building quality Honda race engines and Olds Aurora race engines in the past, Comptech is proud to still be producing quality Honda Race engines for private racing teams throughout the world, including many vintage race car owners.  We are proud to be behind Mazda and the development of their new Mazda 3 racing engine.  The quality of the Mazda engine allows our team of race engine specialists to build a fast engine for the Mazda 3.  We look forward to great things when Comptech and Mazda team up to develop a strong and powerful new race engine.

Fred Penney

CEO / President



  1. Road Course Killer says:

    The old Camel Lights Comptech Race Engines were fast. I remember when they could not lose a race. The days of those great series are gone where racing engines were built and made with brains. Now it is all corporate companies that make sure that everyone has the same engine. Lets get back to the days when independents built racing engines like Comptech. That made fun, exciting competition between race engine shops. Keep it up Comptech! What is the latest new race engine you are building? Is it a Honda? A Mazda? An NSX? It looks like the Grand Am Comptech Race Engine didn’t even get going but a few test races. Was the 6 too small to compete with the big V8’s?

    Go Get em Comptech Racing.

  2. Road Course Killer says:

    I agree Arnold, I think they have a Dyno or two also at the new shop in California. Just watch some races and you will see racing engines by Comptech. I think they are now building racing engines for BMW race cars? Anyone heard? I saw a modified race car that won a race a few weeks ago that said comptech race engines on the side and back of the car. I guess they moved from El Dorado Hills to Sacramento, California.


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