As most know, Comptech has built some great Honda race engines over the years.  Honda race engines are synonomous with Comptech.  Today I would like to talk about NSX race engines built by Comptech.  This could be a long blog about all the championships Comptech has won and the quality and power Comptech puts in the Honda Race Engines  (though now Comptech is really excited to be focasing on the Mazda race engines).  The proof of Comptech’s staying power with Honda Race Engines, Mazda Race Engines and NSX Race Engines is to look at You Tube.  All you have to do is type in Comptech race engine and there are a lot of real cool video’s of the popular Comptech race engines.   You can even type in Honda race engine or NSX race engine or Honda racing engine on You Tube and Comptech pops up quite a bit.

So let me give you a few searches on You Tube to watch some cool Comptech racing engine stuff.  The best video’s are of the experimental Grand Am Comptech Honda NSX engine.  When in You Tube type in the following:  1.) Beyer Racing Comptech Honda  2.) Comptech Honda Daytona Race Engine  3.) Comptech Honda Daytona Prototype Race Engine.  Turn the volume up on the Infenion shake down practice run video.  Listen to that Comptech Honda race engine roar.

Some other fun video’s to watch on You Tube are as follows. Type in the following search:  1.) NSX Gone Wild official trailer  2.) Comptech supercharged NSX racing   3.) NSX CTS (Comptech Supercharged)  4.) Comptech Race Engines

Have fun looking at some cool Comptech tuned engines on You Tube.  Whether you are a race team or street cruiser, Comptech can build or prepare your winning engine.  Go to the website and learn more.

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